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St. Mary-Corwin Health Foundation

There is no greater vote of public trust in an institution than when it is given charitable contributions.

Since 1984, St. Mary-Corwin Health Foundation has received $7 million from nearly 13,000 generous benefactors. We are particularly honored that those who financially support our mission to care for human needs, whether their gifts are large or small, represent the full spectrum of our community.

Thanks to the broad philanthropy that we receive each year from the community and members of our own staff (associates, physicians and volunteers), St. Mary-Corwin is able to provide southern Colorado with exceptional care to those in need.

Over the last year, more than 1,600 people chose to help us with charitable assistance. Nearly half of those donors were people who work at St. Mary-Corwin. Our charitable donations for the year totaled nearly $1,800,000. Charitable giving at such high levels tells us that people of this community have the highest faith in the mission of St. Mary-Corwin, and in its future.

To learn more about the major fundraising events for the St. Mary-Corwin Health Foundation and how you can get involved, please call 719-557-5247 or


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